Miscellaneous Information on States in India

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Miscellaneous Information on States in India

      1) Largest state (in terms of area)---Rajasthan
      2) Smallest state---Goa
      3) Most populous state ---Uttar Pradesh
      4) Least populous state--- Sikkim
      5) Most populous union territory (not incl Delhi) - --Puducherry
      6) Least populous union territory - - - Lakshadweep
      7) Most densely populated state---Bihar
      8) Least densely populated state---Arunachal Pradesh
      9) First state to be formed on linguistic basis --- Andhra Pradesh
      10) Most literate state---Kerala according to 2011 census
      11) Least literate state---Bihar
      12) The state with the longest coastline--- Gujarat
      13) The state having boundaries with seven states and two countries---Assam
      14) The state surrounded on three sides by Bangladesh---Tripura
      15) The states which have neither an international boundary nor a coastline---M.P., Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Haryana
      16) The state surrounded by three countries and one state---Sikkim
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