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10 News headlines from this week and new words from them:
current affairs
Current affairs

1. The Indian cricket board has nominated Mahendra Singh Dhoni for the country's third highest civilian award -- the Padma Bhushan -- for his contribution to the game.

a. Civilian (असैनिक नागरिक): A person not in the armed services or the police force
b. Contribution (योगदान): The part played by a person in helping something to advance.

2. The govt. is set to release the ‘Ujjwala Plus” scheme before Diwali under which individuals who donate cooking gas connections to poor households will become eligible for tax benefits under Section 80 G.

a. Eligible (उपयुक्त होना): Having the right to do or obtain something
b. Household (घर बार): A house and its occupants regarded as a unit.

3. States have refused the central government’s appeal to bring petroleum products under the ambit of Goods and Services Tax (GST) even as prices of petrol and diesel continue to skyrocket in contrast to global standards.

a. Ambit (क्षेत्र): The scope of something. 
b. Skyrocket (तेज़ी से बढ़ना): To increase very steeply or rapidly. 

4. After the stupendous success in the film MS Dhoni, actor Sushant Singh Rajput will now be seen essaying the role of wrestler The Great Khali in his biopic.

a. Stupendous (बेहद प्रभावशाली): Extremely impressive.
b. Biopic (किसी के जीवन पर आधारित फिल्म): A biographical film.

5. Apple has pushed out the final version of iOS 11, its latest mobile operating system. Most iPhone and iPad units made in the last few years should be capable of downloading it.

a.Pushed out (रिलीज करना): To launch
b.Capable (समर्थ होना): Having the required ability to do a specified thing. 

6. The bright yellow coloured Rs. 200 notes hit the market just a day after the finance minister gave go-ahead to the Reserve Bank of India or RBI to issue the new currency bill.

a. hit the market: now available (उपलब्ध होना)
b. go-ahead: permission to proceed (अनुमति देना)

7. The Supreme Court banned triple talaq, a practice that allows men to leave their wives immediately by stating "talaq" (divorce) three times, calling the practice "unconstitutional".

a. Ban: officially or legally prohibit (something) (रोक लगाना)
b. Unconstitutional: not in accordance with the political constitution  (असंवैधानिक)

8. Union Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu offered to resign from his post, after two trains derailed within four days in Uttar Pradesh. Air India’s Ashwani Lohani has been appointed chairman of Railway Board.

a. Resign: voluntarily leave a job or office. (इस्तीफा देना)
b. Derail: cause a train to leave its tracks accidentally. (पटरी से उतर जाना)

9. McDonald’s decision to indefinitely close 169 stores across India’s north and east has rattled key vendors, mall operators and landowners that have long-term leases and supply deals with the restaurant chain.

a. Indefinitely: for an unlimited or unspecified period of time. (अनिश्चित काल तक)
b. Rattle: make (someone) nervous, worried. (चिंता में डालना)

10. India defeated Sri Lanka by three wickets at Pallekele on Thursday, to take a 2-0 lead in the five-match ODI series.

a. Defeat:  overcome or beat (हराना)
b. Take lead: to take the winning position in a competition (जीतना)
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