General knowledge series 19 October

General knowledge series

1. ‘My Music, My Life’ is the autobiography of which person?
Pt. Ravi Shankar
2. Which was the first talkie film of India?
Alam Ara
3. Through which Translocation of food materials in plants takes place?
4. When does Relative humidity decreases?
With increased temperature
5. Who was the Sultan of Delhi who is reputed to have built the biggest network
of canals in India?
Feroze Shan Tughlaq
6. What type of Party system has been evolved in India?
7. A man with a dark skin, in comparison with a man with a white skin, What
will experience?
Less heat and less cold
8. Which bank is the Banker of the Banks? RBI
9. Where are a large number of species are found within a small unit of area?
Wet evergreen equatorial forests
10. Krishnadeva Raya wrote a famous work, namely Amuktamalyada, in which
11. Folk painting ‘Madhubani’ is famous in which state?
12. Which is the tree requiring minimum water for its growth?
13. Which post does the Constitution of India does not mention?
The Deputy Prime Minister
14. Which country is the largest producer of Bauxite?
15. Which Indian rulers was a contemporary of Akbar?
Rani Durgawati
16. How are Oxygen and ozone?
17. From where did India introduce cultivation of tobacco/
tapioca/ pineapple? South America
18. When was the Reserve Bank of India taken over by the Government?
19. Which is found on the western coast of continents between 30° and 40°
Mediterranean Climate Region
20. Which school of paintings developed independently during the Mughal
The Bijapur School
21. In which is ‘Foot and Mouth Disease’ found?
22. Who decides the number of Judges in a High Court?
23. What denotes the smallest temperature?
1° on the Kelvin scale
24. In which latitudes largest quantities of bauxite is found?
Tropical latitudes
25. Which was the first English ship that came to India?
Red Dragon
26. Which tree, once very popular in social forestry, is now taken to be
environmental hazard?
27. Foot-and-Mouth disease in animals, a current epidemic in some parts of the
world, By which is this caused?
Headquarters of International organizations
1. Headquarters of SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation)
Answer: Kathmandu
2.Where is the headquarters of NATO ?
Answer: Brussels (Belgium)
3.Where is the headquarters of ICC (International Cricket Council) ?
Answer: Dubai
4.where is the Headquarters of Greenpeace?
Answer: Amsterdam(Netherlands)
5.where is the Headquarters of International red cross ?
6.where is the Headquarters of Commonwealth of Nations?
Answer: Marlborough House(London)
*7.Headquarters of NAM(Non-Aligned Movement)
Answer:Jakarta, Indonesia
*8. where is the Headquarters of African Union?
Answer: Addis Ababa
*9.where is the Headquarters of International Olympic Committee (IOC) ?
Answer: Lausanne, Switzerland
Headquarters of Indian organizations
1.Where is the headquarters of SEBI?
Answer: Mumbai
2.Where is the headquarters of TRAI(Telecom Regulatory Authority of India)?
Answer: Newdelhi
3. Where is the Headquarters of Konkan railway ?
Answer: Bilapur
4. Where is the Headquarters of Bharat Scouts and Guides ?
Answer: Newdelhi
5.Headquarters of RAW(Research and Analysis Wing) and CBI ?
Answer: Newdelhi
*6.Headquarters of National Human Rights Commission ?
Answer: Newdelhi
*7. ISRO Headquarters?

Answer: Bengaluru
28. In which animal is respiration done by skin? Frog
29. The Ruhr-Westphalia region is a famous industrial region of which
30. Which was the first newspaper to be published in India?
Bengal Gazette
Gk Veda
Gk Veda

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